Saturday, November 20, 2010

Marching Championships 2010

My last marching competition EVER was CANCELLED!! All the other seniors are in mourning today :(
RIP Fairfield Competition, we worked so hard for you. <3

Here's a pic I took of Granite Bay performing last year:
Keep In Step.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Yosemite Trails

Yosemite is one of my favourite places on this Earth. I took this picture when I last went there(2009, I believe.) Why do I love this place?
I suppose the witch in me feels really connected with mother nature and I just feel so inspired to write, paint, take pictures, sing, etc.
Why am I posting this?
So people that might possibly have the power to destroy a place like this in the future are reminded that it means something to someone, it's not JUST a bunch of rocks and trees, it is a place of magic.

Friday, November 12, 2010


I've been into photography since I was very young. I'm always the person standing in the background with a camera. Anyways, I've recently gotten some questions on the meaning behind this photo so I thought I should explain it.
At my old house, I would walk by these red and white flowers every day to get to my car. I thought they were very elegant-looking so I decided to take pictures of them one day after it had rained.
The rain had mostly destroyed the red flowers but the white ones were still standing, though they were missing a few petals. I witnessed the falling of the last red petal while I was taking pictures and that gave me an idea.
I took a single red petal and placed it with the white flower to create fantastic colour contrast and, having an artists mind, I immediatley took a picture and thought "Symbolism!"
Though the red petal didnt naturally grow from the white flower, it looked beautiful and bold surrounded by the gentility of white. It gave it a feeling of individuality and difference without making it look outcast or unwanted.
I titled the photo "Adopted" because I thought the photo represented the security of having a family during tough times, even though they may not be blood-related, of the same ethnicity, or any other differences that can occur.
People can look at that picture and think "Oh, its just some flowers." or they can look into the deeper meaning behind it and see the photographers hidden world.
Do you see it now?

Monday, November 1, 2010


The other day, I went photohunting with my friend Elyssa Failla who is an amaaaazing photographer(and model). We drove around Auburn in the rain, trying to find picturesque locations. We came across a dried grassy field with a fallen tree and decided it was a good place so we started shooting. I wanted to experiment with portraiture more and I ended up getting some really nice pics of Elyssa. Here they are:
 Isnt she lovely? XD